Installing ProjectKoach directly in Eclipse using Eclipse's Update manager:

1. In Eclipse select Help --> Install New Software ...

2. Select Add... and enter the following URL:

3. Select Finish

4. Restart Eclipse when prompted

5. ProjectKoach is installed and ready to use.

6. After restart, select the ProjectKoach perspective (Window--> Perspective)

Installing ProjectKoach desktop application on Windows

The download file is an executable installation file. After downloading, run the file and the install wizard will install the product.

Installing ProjectKoach desktop application on OS X

The download file is a compressed archive file. After downloading, expand the file to a suitable location. To run ProjectKoach select the ProjectKoach application inside the expanded folder structure.

Download ProjectKoach standalone application:

Windows desktop application (32 bit)

Mac OS X desktop application (32 bit)

ProjectKoach Premium license

All ProjectKoach versions available on this page include a 30 day built-in Premium trial period.

After the trial period, ProjectKoach automatically reverts to the free, basic mode. Feature overview

Purchase and install a ProjectKoach license at any time during or after the trial period to gain full access to the built-in Premium features.


Purchase ProjectKoach Premium license:

Purchase ProjectKoach Premium license